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you, 24/7.

At PulseGuard we know that living with a health issue is stressful enough.

So our Support Team is trained to help you on your journey with PulseGuard. From purchase and set up, to ongoing support, we’re here to help.
For any questions, contact us at:

+44 (0)1622 321111

Technical support is available to help with issues that may arise throughout the life of your PulseGuard. Customers with a support contract are entitled to 24/7 telephone support, and a 4-hour email response time within office hours. A Premium support contract is provided after registering your device for support after purchase. Alternatively, one can be purchased via a separate support contract.

Is PulseGuard right for me?

Answers for commonly asked questions about choosing PulseGuard, age guidelines, sensory issues, and getting set up.

Looking after your PulseGuard

Key answers to questions relating to using the PulseGuard package, from waterproofing to how to wear the sensor.

& Maintenence

Questions and answers relating to legacy products, including i0S updates and the PulseGuard app – for Mk-I systems only.

& Shipments

Confused about warranty or where to find your support number? You’ll find the answers to order queries here.

Premium Technical Support



Customers who are using Mk-II and Mk-IIb PulseGuard do not need to purchase additional support; it is included in the rental price/license fee.

When you receive your PulseGuard system, you will find included in your package a Support Welcome Letter, containing your Support number.

If you are unsure of your Support number or have lost it, please contact customer services during office hours.

When calling us, you will be asked for your Support number. If you do not have it to hand, support may be refused until you provide it.

UK Support: 01622 321111, and press option 2.

US Support (toll-free): +1 (917) 268-9244.

You are also entitled to priority email support with a 4-hour response time, during office hours – Monday to Friday, 9.30am-5pm. E-mail:

Purchasing Legacy Support



Mk-I and Legacy customers are able to purchase on-going support for their devices, starting from £150/year, or a £15 a month contract, over a minimum of a 12 month period (see table below).

Prices are exclusive of VAT; please tick the VAT exemption box at checkout. Your Premium Support Number will be sent to you via letter after purchase of your support package.

Telephone & Email Support

Support Service PulseGuard Mk-IIb and Mk-II customers PulseGuard Legacy customers
Price per year Included in package license fee

First year included with rental.
Options thereafter:

  • £15/month for one year
  • £150/one year
  • £270/two years
  • £382/three years
24/7 customer support
Remote log-on (for engineers to fix software issues)
Full software re-install via remote log-on
Maintenance of sensor, monitor and pager
Replacement of faulty or worn out equipment Within warranty period* Within warranty period**
Clinical advice on heart rate parameters and data
Advice on capturing data for clinical diagnosis
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PulseGuard™ Mark III

The sensor

Worn on the wrist or ankle, the sensor monitors BPM, sending the data to the PulseGuard monitor through the night. The size of a watch, the sensor is waterproof, suitable for all ages, and has a 24-hour battery life.

The monitor

Set up in the wearer’s room, the PulseGuard monitor has a simple touchscreen interface, allowing you to set bespoke heart rate parameters, log recordings and send data directly to your consultant.

The pager

The pager allows you to be up to 100m from the PulseGuard monitor. As soon as the sensor alerts the PulseGuard monitor, which sounds the alarm, the pager will sound, vibrate and display a message with the details of the alarm condition.

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