PulseGuard Sensor

The PulseGuard sensor is a soft, lightweight and discreet heart rate sensor that monitors the heart for change in beats per minute. It can be worn on the wrist as a bracelet, the ankle, or around the thigh (for babies). 

The sensor works by using infrared light technology that detects the blood flow under the skin. It transmits this wirelessly via Bluetooth to the PulseGuard monitor, where it is converted by our dedicated software to continuously display the wearer’s heart rate.

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PulseGuard Sensor

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Elasticated strap with adjustable slider to set to user’s size

Rubber and plastic body with infrared light technology underneath to detect and monitor heart rate

24 hour battery life

Charging base that connects to USB plug. Charge time 2 hours

Bluetooth distance
Up to 2 metres from PulseGuard tablet

Age suitability
Suitable for all ages. For very small babies, the sensor can be worn on the upper leg. 

Fully submersible up to 3 metres

Power button
Integrated power button on top of sensor. Hold for three seconds to switch on and again to switch off

Notification lights
Blue flashing light shows when heart rate has been found, indicating readiness to connect to the PulseGuard software. 

Sensor has a light indicator that works through a traffic light colour scheme, indicating battery life left during use and when the sensor is switched on or off

Pulseguard product compatiblity
The Mark-III sensor is compatible with all PulseGuard products running on both Apple and Android systems

PulseGuard Mark II Customers

Your Mark III sensor will be covered for the duration of your contract and any faulty or worn out parts will be replaced immediately with new.

PulseGuard Legacy Customers using PulseGuard Apple products

Your sensor will be covered by a full manufacturer’s warranty for 1 year from the date of purchase for any faults or mechanical failure.

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