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PulseGuard™ Mark III

The sensor

Worn on the wrist or ankle, the PulseGuard sensor monitors the patient’s BPM, sending the data to the tablet through the night. The size of a watch, the sensor is waterproof, suitable for all ages, and has a 24-hour battery life.

The monitor

Set up in the wearer’s room, the PulseGuard monitor has a simple touchscreen interface, allowing carers to set bespoke heart rate parameters, log recordings and send data directly to you, the patient’s consultant.

The pager

Using a Bluetooth gateway, the pager allows carers to be up to 100m from the PulseGuard tablet. As soon as the sensor alerts the monitor, which sounds the alarm, the pager will sound and vibrate.

Why PulseGuard


Failsafe medical device

PulseGuard is a MHRA approved medical device. Designed and built solely for medical purposes, PulseGuard does not rely on using outside equipment or software, such as iPads or iOS, which rely on manual user updates, and may be prone to down-time.


Record and share data

The tablet records all event data, also giving the option to log seizure type, duration, medication, VNS and health information. This data can then be shared directly to you, the patient’s consultant.


Great value subscription package

With one up-front cost for the equipment, and a monthly license fee for a minimum term of 18 months for the software, PulseGuard provides exceptional value for money, with software and equipment reviewed for updates at the end of the 18-month period.



We’re here for you: in-house specialist advisors are here to help patients and carers set up and make the most of their PulseGuard. They also get access to 24/7 telephone support, covering full maintenance of all equipment and software.



Originally designed and built for our founders’ son, we constantly update and progress the PulseGuard software and equipment. Whether your patient upgrades to the latest version or not, their monitor and software will always be fully supported by us.



PulseGuard is a clinically-approved medical device, proven to accurately track and monitor heart rate data. Data can be downloaded and shared with medical professionals, which has helped some patients to receive positive diagnoses for silent seizures.

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