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PulseGuard™ Handy Guide to Seizure Types and Terminology

Epilepsy is one of the most complex medical conditions in the world. This makes it difficult for even healthcare professionals to understand, let alone patients and families living with the condition daily. Just when you think you are starting to understand your condition, you are often thrown a curveball and your seizure type or pattern […]


The Elephant in the Room

For people who live with epilepsy and those who care for them, the word SUDEP is the one word that can strike fear into their everyday lives! Therefore the most natural reaction when this subject is approached is to switch off and shut down, as ignorance is bliss, right? And if we don’t acknowledge it, it will […]


Against All Odds Beverly & Bonnie’s Story

Imagine finding out that your unborn daughter was having seizures in the womb and her prognosis was poor. Well this was the reality for Beverly Campbell. But 26 years on her daughter Bonnie has gone on to defy every obstacle put in her way and truly lives up to her name Bonnie was born full […]


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