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Frequently Asked Questions

The PulseGuard device.

PulseGuard is best described as a heart rate monitor. Worn on the wrist or ankle, it monitors a patient’s heart rate and alerts parents or carers that a possible medical emergency is occurring. PulseGuard was originally designed and developed for our founders’ son, to monitor his heart rate overnight, when silent seizures put him at high risk of SUDEP.

Parents or carers set the normal heart rate range for their loved one and can alter the ranges as necessary. Data is constantly captured by PulseGuard, which can be communicated to clinicians for diagnostic use.


How do I know if PulseGuard is right for me?

PulseGuard can be used with any person who has a health condition that would benefit from being monitored. The technology has been carefully designed and rigorously tested to ensure it is simple to use. Any caregiver or parent is able to use PulseGuard with their loved one.


My loved one experiences sensory issues. I’m worried they will reject the watch.

We suggest wearing the PulseGuard around the ankle where its appearance will not trouble the wearer, and can be covered by clothing. Once covered, most users tend to forget its presence.


What is the minimum age PulseGuard can be used with?

PulseGuard can be worn from around 6 months, and is usually worn around the thigh on babies. The main constraint is strap length. Our Customer Support are highly knowledgeable and will be happy to talk about your particular needs. Call (+44)1622 311 111.


What is the maximum age PulseGuard can be used with?

There is no maximum age.


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