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PulseGuard is a medical device

Finally, a medically-approved personal heart rate monitor for use with conditions such as epilepsy and sleep apnea.

Rigorously tested, discreet and simple to use, PulseGuard combines accurate heart monitoring technology with sophisticated software to give users and their carers peace of mind, all night long.

How it works

A failsafe trio, the PulseGuard sensor measures heart rate levels and sends the information via Bluetooth to the PulseGuard monitor. Parents or carers set the BPM parameters on the monitor screen, bespoke to the wearer. When there is a change in heart rate, the monitor and any PulseGuard pagers within 100m sound the alarm, alerting the parent or carer that help may be needed.

The sensor

Worn on the wrist or ankle, the sensor monitors BPM, sending the data to the PulseGuard monitor through the night. The size of a watch, the sensor is waterproof, suitable for all ages, and has a 24-hour battery life.

The monitor

Set up in the wearer’s room, the PulseGuard monitor has a simple touchscreen interface, allowing you to set bespoke heart rate parameters, log recordings and send data directly to your consultant.

The pager

The pager allows you to be up to 100m from the PulseGuard monitor. As soon as the sensor alerts the PulseGuard monitor, which sounds the alarm, the pager will sound, vibrate and display a message with the details of the alarm condition.

Why PulseGuard



We’re here for you: in-house specialist advisors are here to help you set up PulseGuard. And when you purchase a PulseGuard subscription, you get access to 24/7 telephone support, covering full maintenance of all equipment and software.



Originally designed and built for our founders’ son, we constantly update and progress the PulseGuard software and equipment. Whether you upgrade to the latest version or not, your monitor and software will always be fully supported.



PulseGuard is a clinically-approved medical device, proven to accurately track and monitor heart rate data. Data can be downloaded and shared with medical professionals, which has helped some patients to receive positive diagnosis.

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